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    "We believe in Steve and Marilyn Hudson so strongly that we have used them twice!"

    We believe in Steve and Marilyn Hudson so strongly that we have used them twice. Once in helping us locate a home, and in September, 2017, they assisted us in selling a house in Lake Wylie. They certainly have demonstrated a point of difference from other realtors.They completely handled the transaction with professionalism and attention to detail. They also provided sound advice in setting the sales price and then adjusting accordingly as market conditions warranted. But, here the points of difference. - Most realtors list and forget and may have the obligatory open house. Steve and Marilyn were determined to get our house SOLD and had several Open houses and followed up on EVERY showing. - When creating the listing contracts, using their experience, they pointed out key areas that are often overlooked by other realtors that helped save on closing costs. - We had some opportunities during the home inspection and having already moved out of the area, they made themselves available to meet with the contractors to remedy the checklist so that we didn't have to make a return trip. - Normally after a house is under contract, negotiations complete, the process evolves to the closing process. In our case, the Buyer picked a closing attorney that really wasn't on their game. Had it not been for Steve's attention to detail, and the assistance of their Administrative Assistant - Leslie, the closing would have been a complete disaster. The closing attorney even had the wrong closing date! - I really can't express how grateful we are to have had Steve and Marilyn assist us in our real estate transactions. I think if I were to sum up our experience with them, I think their tagline would read: "We take the worry out!" Even though our closing transaction involved a lot of drama; they had our best interest at heart and we had to worry less because of their attention to detail. I highly recommend that you use the Hudson Advantage because based upon both of our transactions with them, they really do have a point of difference from everyone else. Client First!
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    Bob S.
    "Hudson Advantage Helped Us Work with a Builder!"

    Hello this is mike and Becky McGraw and we're here with Steve and Marilyn Hudson from the Hudson Advantage and we are so grateful to have them as our realtors and helping us close on the new home from the builder. We couldn't have done without him um we're just totally excited about the Hudson Advantagethe relationships they have the professionalism the kickbacks were awesome it was just it was just a great experience we wouldn't have done it anyway we wouldn't have got to have the extras and the upgrades that we have now if it was not for the Hudson Advantage.
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    Mike & Becky M.
    "Steve and Marilyn present a warm and friendly demeanor while proving extremely professional!"

    Steve and Marilyn present a warm and friendly demeanor while proving extremely professional. I was very impressed with their negotiating skills which resulted in my gaining more than asked. My home had a tenant that needed to be handled carefully during her exit and the sale.They again amazed me with their personal care and firm execution of business at hand. I have bought and sold over nine homes and had some great and some terrible agents. Marilyn and Steve go in the great column.
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    Patricia S.
    "Hudson Advantage Helped Us Buy a Home During COVID-19!"

    We're the johnsons we're moving using the hudson advantage realty. This will be the second time we've used them. Previously, we used them to sell a house. And when we decided to move from Connecticut back to Rock Hill, we knew they were the only people we wanted to use. Considering Covid-19 restrictions,we weren't able to look at this house and anything in it. They were very generous. Came out did a video tour for us, walked through. And their opinions they're second to none. Absolutely, hands down, the best team you could possibly ask for. Yeah, we would never use anybody else. Our first house we listed, we weren't able to sell. It was listed for nine months. And they came in and, literally, it was sold overnight. So you can't go wrong.
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    The Johnsons
    "Steve and Marilyn are great to work with!"

    Steve and Marilyn are great to work with. They helped us sell our house and find a new one. We were looking for something very specific and Marilyn worked hard to find us our dream house. They went above and beyond through the entire process.

    "Hudson Advantage Helped Me Find an Off-Market Home!"

    Hey, I'm Kelly. I'm closing today on my second home, I worked with the Hudson Advantage Group, Marilyn specifically. I worked with her a couple years ago to buy my first home. And I was in the market for a new home. I've been looking for about two years, reached out to Marilyn,and she was able to find me a house that was not yet on the market, saw it that day, and then by the next day I was able to put an offer in, and today we are closing. They are super great to work with. They are super helpful. So if you're out looking for anyone, I'd recommend them.
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    "I would highly recommend anyone to Steve!"

    I reached out to Steve Hudson with Hudson Advantage Realty and I was very impressed with the results Steve was able to achieve. He was knowledgeable about the property I was interested in and he made every effort to make sure all of my questions were answered.In one day I was able to find a property I was interested in and in less than two days we had a contract in hand. I would highly recommend anyone to Steve and would hands down use him again for all of my real estate needs.
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    Patrick S.
    "Hudson Advantage Made My First-Time Home Buying Experience Easy!"

    Hey, I'm a first time home buyer. Steve and Marilyn did a really good job, helping me along through the process. They made it a lot easy for someone like me understand. I really recommend Hudson Advantage Realty.

    First time home buyer
    "Very knowledgeable about real estate, as well they are very enthusiastic towards helping."

    I already had a strong personal relationship when I asked Steve and Marilyn to help me sell my house. I appreciated their coaching, we worked together, and the house was sold in a very short time. Buying my new house was more challenging since I was downsizing and looking for a new location and a more modest house.We looked at many houses and we missed a few because of the traffic in that price range. Once we got my requirements dialed in, it didn't take long to find the right house and to follow their coaching on the purchase process. I highly recommend Steve and Marilyn Hudson for their skills, their knowledge, their integrity, and their enthusiasm for their profession.
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    S. A.
    "Hudson Advantage Sold My House Without Even Putting my it on the Market!"

    Hi, good morning. I’m Scott Ackerson and I’m sadly getting ready to leave the Charlotte, North Carolina area to Move out west to relocate to another Part of the country. This is my third sale with the Hudson advantage realty company. I bought this home with Steve and Marilyn one time at a time that I was downsizing and they helped me find a home quickly.And they found me a great home and especially, in a great neighborhood, I’ve been very grateful for that. They showed me from that first time a strong negotiating strategy, and I was grateful and it worked to my advantage in several occasions. In this case, selling this home, Steve and Marilyn met with me one day, we had a buyer the next day and the house was gone sold before we even had for sale signs up. So they had buyers in waiting and didn’t have to put it on the market and got my full market price which was very important and a surprise I think to me. There was no staging, no open houses, no stress at all. It was just as fast only that it was so fast, okay. Steve and Marilyn are a great Team. I could speak at length about them, their character, and their uh Rich warmth and friendship and intelligence and capability. But Don’t get me started. Anyhow, I’m very fond of them and I’ll miss them when I Move. But they’ve done a great job for me. And there Will be a number of homes to come out of this. So I’m grateful for the Chance to sing their praises. Let’s put it that way.
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    S. A.
    "Very impressive team!"

    Very impressive team! Steve and Marilyn make a great team. They are very reliable, supportive, and passionate about real estate and helping others. Highly recommend.

    Autumn S.
    "Hudson Advantage Helped Us Move Back From Out of State!"

    Well, thank you, Steve and Marilyn from the Hudson Advantage Realty. They're pretty much our family realtors now. My parents use them, we're using them. And my brother is about to close on a house with them as well. And this is our first home, moving back home from out of state and we really appreciate everything.We were helped through the whole process, weekday, weekend, after hours, always quick to answer our questions. So we really appreciate everything. Yeah, and they're really personable too. My first time meeting Steve and Marilyn, we went through what we liked and what we didn't like about our home. And they knew it right away. They'd be taking us to different houses and they wouldn't be pushing us to like the house. They would know that this is not the house for us. So we really appreciate that, they was not pressuring us at all. So we love them. You should use them too!
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    "I would highly recommend Hudson Advantage Realty."

    I would highly recommend Hudson Advantage Realty, the sale of our home went flawlessly. We were extremely pleased with the way the sale of our home went.

    Ken S.
    "My Whole Family Uses the Hudson Advantage Realty!"

    Hi, this is Ginger. We actually bought our house five years ago on December 16th through Marilyn and Steve. Now i've had two sons in the last, less than a month, buy houses also through Marilyn and Steve. My brother now is next up to bat, to try to find a house for him. And hopefully by March or April,I have friends coming out that are also going to be going through Marilyn and Steve to look for their house. So if you're in the market, this is who we've been trusting for five years, and I completely encourage people to look them up.
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    "An absolute pleasure to work with."

    An absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to any of my family and friends. they responded quickly to any question we had and we closed quickly.

    Wendy O.
    "I'm Glad I found Hudson Advantage on Zillow!"

    Hi, I'm just saying thanks to Steve Hudson and Zillow for finding me this great house and being so unbelievably helpful in every step of the process. It's a wonderful house and I was happy to deal with Steve through Zillow to make it happen.

    "Marilyn and Steve have worked with me on four real estate transactions over the last six years!"

    Marilyn and Steve have worked with me on four real estate transactions over the last six years! I went back to them for a reason. They are professional and very knowledgeable. They are also kind and took good care of us as people! I would recommend them to everyone. You won’t be disappointed!

    Emily C.
    "Steve and Marilyn were with us at every step."

    We were very fortunate to have Steve and Marilyn of The Hudson Advantage as our realtors. We purchased an inventory home from a builder and Steve and Marilyn were with us every step of the way. At the contract signing the builder’s representative told us nothing could be added to the house at this stage but Steve and Marilyn were able to negotiate the addition of addition of a refrigerator,blinds and garage door opener. We could not have accomplished this ourselves. In fact, our neighbor, who moved in the week before us, asked how we got our garage door opener so fast, when I told him it was part of our contract he said “They told me they couldn’t do that”. Well he didn’t have the Hudson advantage. Steve and Marilyn were with us at every step. They arranged for the home inspection and were present. They were present for the New Home Orientation and made sure that the builder’s representative understood the importance of a close review of the HVAC system and drainage around the property (two of the items that came up in inspection). We are very happy with our new home and working with Steve and Marilyn was a pleasure – we couldn’t have done it without them. We highly recommend them. Becky & Mike McGraw
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    Becky & Mike McGraw
    "Steve Hudson has done a wonderful job finding us a home"

    Steve Hudson has done a wonderful job finding us a home. He had such great patience with us as we went through the long closing process of selling our home in New York. He had great insight in helping look in different areas of the Charlotte market in both North and South Carolina. If we are ever in need of a real estate agent in the future,we will be sure to contact him. Thank you again. Dennis & Lynette
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